Eyes of the Woods by Eden Fierce

Rating: 2 stars

Dangerous, mindless nightwalkers roamed the woods in between territories. A privileged family in each territory had the duty of killing the nightwalkers. Eris was in one of those families, and being a woman didn’t make her exempt from killing although she did not approve. One day something horrible happened, and it changed the way Eris viewed the world. Everything she had been taught was wrong.

The first and second halves of the books were completely different. In the beginning Eris went hunting with her family for the nightwalkers. There was a lot of info dumping about nightwalkers and the potions her family made. After finishing the book I was irritated because all of the stuff about the potions was completely pointless. During this part of the book, Eris’s thoughts were consumed with her impending betrothal. She wasn’t against marriage but did not want her choices taken from her since she couldn’t choose her husband. All of this was pointless as well because once the dreaded day of the announcement of her betrothal happened everything changed. There was a hell of a lot of filler in the first half, which is ridiculous considering how short the book is.

***Just to warn you there are spoilers ahead that is if you actually plan to read this, which I would not recommend.***

The second half of the book focuses on the nightwalkers. They were initially depicted as mindless, undead killers. Basically they were zombies. But they turned out to be really nice (well most of them anyway) and were misunderstood by humans. It was lame. From this point on the story was rushed. The goal was to create peace between humans and nightwalkers. It wasn’t believable the way it was done because people’s opinions were swayed easily. Centuries worth of ingrained hate doesn’t fade over night.


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