Forevermore by Kristen Callihan

af02b78be614b34cddd1a94f91e8287dRating: 4 stars

Series: Darkest London #7

I’m sad to see this series end, but this was definitely one of the better books in the series. Sin may be my favorite guy in the series. Then again I’m a sucker for a tortured hero. One bad choice as a kid trapped him in a horrible situation, and it drastically altered the course of his life. Most people gave up on him and believed the worst of him, and it all fed into his self loathing. Although emotionally damaged, he wasn’t a lost cause; with the right support he could learn to cope with his past.

Layla was a unique kind of demon. She exhibited some strange traits that made her sought after by some dangerous creatures. Sin was given the job of being her guardian, which was awkward since they were close as children but hadn’t seen each other in years. Layla was the complete opposite of what a demon is expected to be. She was honest and sweet and didn’t have a deceptive bone in her body.

Sin and Layla had good chemistry, but it was a very slow burning romance. It got to the point where I was dying for them to kiss let alone have sex. Although it was slightly frustrating, it worked plot wise. Sin had some serious issues to work through, and by not jumping head first into a relationship Sin’s issues weren’t made light of.

Several of the characters from the other books made appearances and wrapped up some of their storylines. There were a few mysteries to be solved, but the romance was more central to the plot. This could be read as a standalone, but I’d recommend reading Soulbound or at least just the parts with Sin. His background was explained in this, but the bad stuff that happened to him actually happened in the last book. I used the kindle search feature to reread the parts with Sin. It made his current situation easier to understand.

Thanks so much to Netgalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review!


Retribution by R.K. Ryals

Rating: 4 stars

Series: Redemption #3

Dayton was being held against her will by Damon the insane demon. He had control over her because of the ring, so escape was just about impossible. She didn’t know who she could count on to help her get free. Her family was still brainwashed by Damon, and the chances of Marcas saving her were slim since he could be controlled by Damon as well. Things took an unexpected turn. More people were against Dayton and Marcus being together than she could have imagined. They were going to have to fight if they wanted to make things work.

Dayton is an awesome character! She knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it even when almost everyone else thinks she is wrong. It takes a lot of strength to have that kind of determination especially when the choices she makes are not guaranteed to work to her benefit.

Marcas turned out to be different than I expected. Since he is a demon, he didn’t exactly exude trustworthiness. I wouldn’t say he grew over the course of the series; it was more like getting to know him better as Dayton broke through his tough exterior.

Towards the end choices were made that put their lives in danger for as long as they lived. It didn’t end on a cliffhanger, but enough was left open ended that I desperately want to know what happens next.

Ransom by R.K. Ryals

Rating: 4 stars

Series: Redemption #2

Ransom picked up right where Redemption left off. Dayton and Marcas were trying to find the ring since they felt like it was their only hope of making it out of their situation alive. Dayton wasn’t sure if she could trust Marcas, but she had no choice but to work with him. Although Marcas tended to be closed off emotionally, he treated her with respect. She began to develop feelings for him, which made this have a stronger paranormal romance aspect than Redemption.

Since the setting was completely different, Dayton was away from most of the people she knew and was introduced to many new characters. I enjoyed it that Connor wasn’t around much. His overprotectiveness felt overbearing at times. The more people Dayton met the more she learned about Heaven and Hell and how it seemed like everyone was conspiring against her.

I liked this book better than the first. I liked the characters and the dynamic between them. For an indie author this series is damn good.

Redemption by R.K. Ryals

Rating: 4 stars

Series: Redemption #1

Dayton Blainey experienced the loss of her parents when she was young. Afterwards she and her sister Amber lived with their aunt in an abbey. Dayton had a difficult time living there because her aunt was cold and distant and her sister tended to side with her aunt. She depended on her friends to have any real sense of family.

When her parents died, Dayton began having bizarre dreams that involved her father. She could never interpret their meaning. She also had the feeling that she was being watched. Around the time of her 17th birthday, her aunt began to take interest in her, and it made her suspicious. Plus her friends who had their own supernatural abilities warned her to stay away from the abbey. They didn’t know what would happen but knew it would be bad. Of course Dayton didn’t listen to this advice and her was permanently altered.

Although this was YA, it didn’t feel like it in many ways. The characters were mature for teenagers. Dayton swore a lot, which I enjoyed. She never held back from telling people how she felt. She was tough and stood up for what she thought was right. The best part was she managed to be this way without being bitchy or rude unless the situation warranted it.

I did get annoyed during the first half of the novel because Dayton had many warnings that something bad would happen to her and she ignored all of them. To be fair it made sense for her to ignore them because although she felt alone at the abbey it was her home and it was where her family was. Her family didn’t always treat her right but to some degree she trusted them.

The second half of the book was excellent. A whole new world opened up to Dayton. She learned a lot about herself and about the people in her family. She found out who she could trust and who she couldn’t. This part of the book took a drastic turn because Dayton’s life was in danger. Although a fair amount of information was revealed, it didn’t deter me from immediately wanting to read the next one. Enough was left unresolved to keep interest in the series.

Reignite by J.M. Darhower

Rating: 4 stars

Series: Extinguish #2

I liked this better than Extinguish. Most of this was told from Lucifer’s point of view. He was struggling with losing Serah. Basically she paid the price for his sins. Lucifer couldn’t stay away from her although he did more harm than good by being around her. Would he learn from his mistakes or would he get revenge on those who wronged him and destroy the world in the process?

Lucifer had a conscious. People always assumed that he didn’t have one because he often did bad things. He wasn’t bad just for the sake of being bad or because he enjoyed seeing others suffer; he was fighting for what he thought was right. His idea of what was right didn’t go along with what most people thought was right. Very few took the time to understand his motives and to realize that he struggled with the outcome of the things he did.

Lucifer’s inner turmoil was interesting especially in comparison with the other angels. In some ways he was the one that ultimately seemed like the good guy. The virtuous, pure angels were so quick to judge and never considered how others were affected by their judgment. They appeared more heartless than Lucifer.

I really enjoyed Lucifer’s inner conflict. He had a lot to learn about consequences of his actions, and all of that was strongly entwined with his relationship with Serah. It was a change of pace to read a romance that wasn’t all about sex either; this focused way more on love.

Extinguish by J.M. Darhower

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Series: Extinguish #1

A war between good and evil had been going on for thousands of years. Lucifer had been trapped in hell for a long time, but he had been trying to break free. All signs had been indicating that the apocalypse was coming and Lucifer would once again roam the Earth. One of the lower level angels Serah was given the impossible task of convincing Lucifer to stop the war.

Angels unlike humans were not supposed to act on their emotions because to do so usually led to becoming one of the fallen. The angels were not supposed to question anything; they were supposed to blindly do as they were told. Serah was different from other angels because she strongly empathized with humans. Once she met Lucifer, she began to question things, and she learned that there was much more to him than anyone had ever told her.

Serah was unusual for an angel because she saw that there was good and bad in everyone including angels. Most angels saw things in terms of black and white, which was why Lucifer had a bad reputation. Not to say that he didn’t deserve that reputation on some level, but he wasn’t pure evil like others made him out to be. Lucifer was interesting because he was complex. This did have a different spin on heaven and hell, but the characters stood out more than the world building.