Tricks for Free by Seanan McGuire

tricksRating: 3 stars

Series: Incryptid #7

This series has always been hit or miss for me. It’s probably because each book takes place in a different setting with new side characters even if the main characters are the same. Each book can have a totally different vibe depending on those things. I loved the last book along with Antimony but didn’t feel the same this time around.

Antimony made one bad choice after another. Her reasons for staying away from her family made sense, but she could have used Mary as a good between if she wasn’t comfortable talking to them any other way. Maybe she wouldn’t have made some of the stupid choices she did if she had tried to confer with them. As much as she complained that she isn’t loved like everyone else in the family, it seemed contradictory that she wouldn’t let them know where she was because they would risk everything to get her regardless of the danger. I felt like her immaturity showed strongly. Although she’s strong, brave, and reliable, she lacks good forethought. Whenever something happened she jumped into it without thinking of the consequences or developing a plan, which really screwed her in the end.

I was bored for most of the book. It was around the 60% mark that it finally felt like something interesting was happening. Except for one thing, nothing relevant to the overarching plot happened. That one thing will have a big impact on Antimony later. I’m going to have a hard time feeling bad for her because it was her choice. The whole Lowryland thing didn’t do it for me. It was lacking compared to the carnival in the last book. I didn’t care much for the side characters. They were dull, and I didn’t trust any of them until the end of the book. It was weird not having the Aeslin mice around despite not liking them much in the first place. Sometimes they are annoying, but they added a quirky quality; it wasn’t right not to have that there.


Book News: Ilona Andrews, Kalayna Price & Craig Schaefer

So I’ve been a slow at writing this up. I’m a procrastinator and get easily sidetracked by things I really want to do. Most of this info was announced about a week ago, but I thought I’d post it anyway just in case you missed it.

Ilona Andrews:

They announced on April 1st in this post that they were having a contest to name the Hugh d’Ambray series. Somehow I never knew that his books were going to be a spin-off series, but I’m really freaking happy about it! Then they announced in this post a few days later that the series is going to be named The Iron Covenant.

In the first post I linked to, they announced the release date for Iron and Magic which is June 28th. They also have the blurb for the book as well.

Kalayna Price:

The next book in the Alex Craft series, which is book 6 is going to be called Grave Destiny. There isn’t a blurb or an exact release date, but right now they’re assuming it will be out in the spring of next year. The cover was released in this post. I really like the cover, but it is different from the others in the series because this one is much brighter.

Craig Schaefer:

If you’re not reading the Daniel Faust series, you should be because you’re missing out on one of the best new UF series. It’s dark, different and unpredictable. On Facebook earlier this week, the cover and blurb for the newest book, The Neon Boneyard, was revealed. This is book 8 in the series, and it’ll be released on April 10th.