Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

Rating: 5 stars

Series: Kate Daniels #7

Magic Breaks is the book that Kate Daniels fans have been waiting for. She finally had her showdown with Roland, and it’s epic! There were many events that led up to that point, but all of her problems began when a man who was clearly killed by a shifter was brought to her. She had to find the killer or the pack was going to be in serious trouble. With Kate, trouble finds her whether she does what is right or not.

This book was amazing! Kate was bad ass as usual. She faced some of the most vile, powerful people in the world and remained true to herself. I love Kate because she is strong without being a bitch, which seems to be a rarity in urban fantasy novels.

Hugh was after Kate for most of the book. He is one hell of a persistent man. There were some really great moments between them. I love Hugh but not in a HEA kind of way. They have chemistry in the sense that they’re perfectly suited for each other as enemies. Hugh is a psychopath but he manages to put a smile on my face whenever he enters the story.

Roland is no longer such an enigma. He turned out to be exactly the kind of man I thought he would be, which is good because it means he’ll be around to torment and annoy Kate in the next book. There is still a lot to learn about him, and his motives are a complete mystery. Long time fans of this series have waited a while to finally meet Roland, and it was well worth the wait.

Curran is one of my top book boyfriends. There’s not much to say about his actions without major spoilers, but he did not let me down. In fact, he exceeded my expectations. He and Kate make one hell of an awesome couple!

Magic Breaks was action packed with a good blend of humor. I laughed out loud several times. This was a pivotal point in the series. The ending really shook things up.


Shiv Crew by Laken Cane

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Rune Alexander #1

Rune Alexander is the leader of the Shiv Crew, which is a small police team whose job is to kill the Others (vampires, weres, etc.) when they harm humans. There is a lot of hate towards the Others. Rune knows she is one of the Others, but she doesn’t know much about what she is or where she came from. She hides her otherness as best she can, to the point where she is not even sure what she is capable of. This also means she has to hide a part of herself from her coworkers who are also her friends. She loathes the part of herself that is different, so she has a negative view of the Others. People are being kidnapped. She believes it’s the Others who are responsible, but things may not be as they seem.

This was the first urban fantasy novel by an indie author. It wasn’t the best story ever, but in comparison to most indie novels, this was really damn good. It had a good flow and proper use of grammar, which are things that many indie novels lack. The one area where it was lacking was with the characters. I didn’t feel connected to most of them. They lacked depth except for Rune. The shiv crew members were extremely loyal and overly friendly. Even in groups where people get along, there is still discord. Plus some amount of discord helps to learn more about the characters and how they interact with others. It’s not as fun to read about a group who obeys every order their leader gives them. The only other issue with the book was Rune’s character growth. It was too much too fast. The person she was at the beginning of the book was not the same person she was at the end. It was a lot of changes for a short period of time. That didn’t ruin the story in any way.

Touched with Sight by Nenia Campbell

Rating: 5 stars

Series: Shadow Thane #2

Touched with Sight begins right where Black Beast left off. It was way better than the first book although that was really good too. More of the Others are missing. Finn is investigating it, but he needs Catherine to get him close to the people involved. Of course, Catherine begrudgingly helps him. This does give them the opportunity to learn more about each other. Their relationship, not that they are in a relationship, is complex. Things definitely evolve between them.

That about sums it up. As soon as one of them has any good feeling about the other, they push those feelings down. Then they loathe themselves for not hating their enemy. But it’s so much fun, watching them stumble along trying to figure out what it is that they really feel.

Nenia Campbell has done it again! She writes despicable characters in a way that makes them likable. Many authors try to do this, but they can’t pull it off. She has managed to make me love Finn, who really isn’t that likable when you think about it. He’s incredibly controlling, wants to get his way all the time, and is a stalker. Who wants that? Well obviously me. LOL!

Aside from that, a lot more is learned about the world and the dynamics between all of the supernatural creatures. The Shadow Thane makes another creepy appearance, which makes the fate of the world seem bleak. And there are several factions of people who are after Finn and Catherine, so the next should be interesting!

The Forgotten Girl by Jessica Sorensen

forgotten girl

Rating: 3 stars

Maddie is a woman who has multiple personalities. She begins to black out, and afterwards, people are either missing or dead. She doesn’t know if her other personality, Lily, is responsible or not. Also, Maddie was in an accident 6 years earlier, and she has no memory of her life before that. On top of trying to figure out who is murdering people, she needs to discover who she is.

This book is meant to be a dark psychological thriller. The subject matter was dark, but it didn’t give off the deeply disturbed vibe that was probably intended. This story wasn’t suspenseful although it did move along at a steady pace. Nonetheless it was not a page turner.

There were some issues with the amnesia storyline. Maddie is 21, so she lived 6 years without some memories. She is constantly reminded by people that she is not the person she used to be. On some level, I get that, but plenty of people change a lot from the time they are 15 to 21. It’s natural. The expectation of her acting like she did then didn’t make sense.

In the end, a lot of things were not explained. There was a conclusion. But most of the characters were avid liars, so was what they said at the end the truth? I guess I’ll never know. A lot of the characters did bad things, but the motives for some people wasn’t clear. It didn’t make sense that some of them did what they did. Knowing why would have made this story way more satisfying.

Since there were murders, there were police. They were barely in the story at all. They weren’t very competent either. None of the characters with bad behavior were smooth about it. The cops could have done a bit more investigating and might have figured things out. The entire story would not have been possible if the police knew what they were doing and arrested people.

Logic was not strong in this story. There were some errors in it too. In one instance, one character’s name was replaced with another character’s name. The premise for this story was good, but it needed more work. At least the ending wasn’t easy to predict. I don’t regret reading it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend it to anyone either.