Shadowfae by Erica Hayes

Rating: 2 stars

Series: The Shadowfae Chronicles #1

If you want to read a book where the characters either think about or have sex on every other page, this is the book for you. To be fair, the main character was a succubus and another prominent character was an incubus. Lots of sex was expected, but the almost complete lack of plot was not.

Jade and Rajahni were owned by a demon, so they had to do what he asked. Both of them wanted their freedom. Rajahni discovered a way to escape servitude, which he shared with Jade. Unfortunately the way to get free could only be used by one of them.

This may have worked for me if I were in a different mood. I liked the characters especially Jade. She had been used or betrayed by almost everyone and was sad as a result. The romance was okay. Jade and Rajahni had chemistry, but their feelings for each other were all based on insta love. They really didn’t know each other well. I got bored with the sex scenes. They weren’t cringe worthy but lacked a certain spark.