Ascension by Sable Grace

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Dark Breed #1

Ascension was a blend of the usual supes in urban fantasy called Dark Breeds with Greek gods. Kyana is half vampire and half werewolf, which makes her unique. The gates of hell were opened and all sorts of unsavory characters were beginning to inhabit the Earth. Kyana wanted to save the humans on Earth, so she was sent on a special mission to aid in getting the gates closed. As a requirement for the mission, she had to team up with Ryker, an ex of sorts.

I might have liked this book better, but Kyana was a hard character to like. She was yet another heroine who was tough and independent but was too bitchy to truly be likable. After a while I warmed to her. Then she did something that made me like her even less than I had at the beginning. The thing she did was done with good although selfish intentions, but it had horrible consequences for a good friend of hers.

Kyana and Ryker had issues from their past. As a result they hadn’t spoken for 10 years. I stupidly assumed that any problem which would cause the two of them to completely avoid each for 10 years would have been huge. Their problem was pathetic. It made sense Kyana was hurt at the time, but it in no way was worthy of holding a grudge 10 years. It was hard to sympathize with her relationship issues.

Nothing made this stand out from other UF novels. The blend of vampires, werewolves, and witches with Greek deities was interesting, but it wasn’t enough to make me want to finish the trilogy.


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