Book Ratings

For book reviews, I state the number of stars that I rate it. 5 stars is the best, and 1 is the worst. Books can also be looked up by ratings through the categories.

loved it! is 5 stars. This means the book was great with almost no flaws at all. Most likely I devoured it quickly because it was soooo good I didn’t want to put it down. 5 star worthy novels tend to be the ones that linger with me for days afterwards. They make it hard to get into another book because I can’t get the awesomeness of it out of my mind.

wicked good is 4 stars. A book like this is very good, memorable, and hard to put down. It wouldn’t have any major glaring plot holes or inconsistencies. Usually the characters are likable i.e. I root for them, ship them, etc. It has a strong plot without getting excessively bogged down in descriptions, doesn’t need major editing, and was well written.

meh is 3 stars. Books with this rating are just okay. They’re good and worth reading but usually lack something that really makes them stand out. Normally there is some element of a 3 star worthy book that didn’t work for me, but it wasn’t enough to ruin my experience of it either.

not worth my time is either 1 or 2 stars. 2 stars probably means that I contemplated giving up on it at some point but liked it enough to stick with it. Usually there are several elements that bothered me about it. This isn’t the type of book I race to get through. As much as a book like this drives me nuts there is something about it that is too good to hate.

1 star worthy novels normally have no redeeming qualities or they may have one or two but the other qualities are so atrocious that the good parts don’t matter. A novel like this usually has unlikable characters that I can’t bring myself to care about and has a plot that is easy to figure out. It may just be a book that bores me… a lot. Many things can go wrong in a 1 star worthy novel, but luckily I don’t come across many books that bad.


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