Red Queen by Christina Henry

Rating: 3 stars

Series: The Chronicles of Alice #2

I loved Alice! It was one of the very few books I’ve rated 5 stars all year, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this. Red Queen is nothing like Alice. They’re both dark with a grim outlook on life but the similarities end there. The gore and horror aspect was gone. Alice and Hatcher made their way out of the city, so the setting was drastically different. Life outside the city lacked the intensity and danger. There were threats where they were but they felt less imminent than those in the city.

Alice was separated from Hatcher for most of the book. Without him around it was boring. I really missed their dismally enlightening conversations. There were other people Alice encountered, but they weren’t interesting. I had no emotional investment in them at all. Everything was aimless and meandering. Alice was searching for Hatcher. There weren’t solid clues for her to go on; she just wandered. For a while I forgot that the ultimate goal was for them to find Jenny. Besides I figured out where Jenny was long before the end of the book.

Being alone gave Alice the chance to be independent for the first time in her life. I don’t think this was necessary. In the last book Hatcher did save Alice, but she saved him too. They leaned on each other because they cared not because they were dependent on each other. Apparently Alice needed to learn that for herself.

These books weren’t romances. Alice and Hatcher did love each other. I wasn’t expecting nor did I want sappy declarations of love. They’re too deranged to be affectionate anyway. In a way the beauty of their relationship was stripped away. The lack of stability at the end was disappointing. They did have a HEA, but as to whether or not they’d ever regain what they once had was unknown.


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