The Magic by Donna Augustine

51qd3yjek0lRating: 4.5 stars

Series: The Wilds #4

A great end to a series that had bit of a rocky start. Dahlia aggravated me with her poor decision making, but I couldn’t help but like her. She did grow over the course of the series. Her actions were indicative of her age. As much as I hated some of the things she did, they were all done with good intentions. She valued the lives of others more than her own, and it was admirable.

Dax will be dearly missed. He finally opened up, well, just a little bit really but enough to be more endearing without being OOC. He was brutally honest, stubborn, and bossy but fair enough that he never came off as a jerk. Why can’t more leading males be written like him? He was so close to perfect.

Nothing was left unresolved by the end. How the world came to be in such a state of chaos was revealed. I liked the way it all went down. I hate it that it was the end. I really liked the world and the characters and it sucks knowing nothing new will ever be written about them again.


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