Dreams and Slumbers by Seanan McGuire

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Toby Daye #10.1

I’ve never been an Arden Windermere fan, so I wasn’t thrilled to find out this story was about her. She’s so damn boring and whiny. She’s over 100 years old. Suck it up. Life isn’t fair. Stop whining about it like a teenager who doesn’t want any responsibility in life. Not wanting the throne makes sense. Ruling isn’t something everyone is cut out for. Just because someone is born into it doesn’t mean they’re fit to do it, and she is definitely one of those people. Nolan should have been declared the heir. Maybe it would have happened if their parents hadn’t died unexpectedly.

Whatever bit of respect I had for Arden is now gone. Her brother had about 20 more years to go before he’d wake up from being elfshot. She was debating whether or not she should give him the cure. Is she for real? Screw you Arden! Does she really think he would have been happy waking up to find out he could have woken up 20 years earlier and it didn’t happen just because she was insecure? This just proves she shouldn’t be queen. Everything she’s done is all about what she wants and that means taking the easy route and not fighting for anything.

Her opinions on Toby are another reason to dislike her. All the problems in her life are Toby’s fault. Sure because everything was peachy keen before Toby walked into her life. Toby is disrespectful. Maybe if Arden did something worthy of respect, she’d respect her. She should be grateful that Toby’s around or her reign as queen would be pathetic. Obviously she doesn’t get Toby at all since she thinks Toby gets everything she wants.

The best part of the story was getting a little more background info on the Luidaeg. It helped to explain why she does what she does and why she can be incredibly helpful and destructive to Faerie. Learning about Cassandra’s power was cool. I wonder how that will come into play later on in the series.


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