A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

27015399Rating: 5 stars

Series: Kingmaker Chronicles #1

Wow! I can’t stop thinking about this book. I’m already tempted to reread it. In terms of quality, plot, etc. it was only worth 4 stars. It’s been so long since I haven’t wanted to put a book down and have been completely enraptured by it. It finally happened with this book, so it gets 5 stars.

It’s hard to put into words why I liked this so much. It wasn’t perfect. It’s not ideal for a relationship to begin with the H kidnapping the h. The chemistry was there right from the start despite Griffin being an arrogant bastard. All things considered, Cat wasn’t treated badly aside from not having the freedom to go where she wanted. Any feelings she developed were real. Nothing occurred to cause Stockholm syndrome. Other people’s reactions to Cat’s objections about being held captive pissed me off. They acted like it was no big deal because Griffin was rich and powerful and she’d have a good life with him. Whether that was true or not it shouldn’t matter. Others had the nerve to get annoyed when she complained about being held captive, which made it hard for me to believe in the innate goodness in some of the side characters.

Cat was an amazing heroine! This book was great because of her. She didn’t put up with shit from anybody whether she could best them or not. Many heroines are tomboyish, which she was. Feminine is definitely not a word I would use to describe Cat, but unlike other tomboy heroines, she knew how to act and dress like a lady and didn’t shy away from it when it mattered. Most of the time she chose to be herself, which was blunt, bold, bossy, and sarcastic.

I shouldn’t like Griffin. I really shouldn’t, but I just can’t help it. The guy is charming as hell. Half of the things he did were aggravating, but it’s the kind of aggravating that’s both infuriating and endearing. Despite his arrogance, he was a decent guy. He never needlessly killed nor was he cruel. He was way too bossy and needed to taken down a peg or two sometimes, so I thoroughly enjoyed it when Cat would smack him when he acted like a self righteous jerk.

The world building was an original twist on Greek mythology. Cat’s magic was interesting, although if she resembles a specific mythological god or demigod I haven’t figured out who it is. As to Cat’s true identity, well that was so easy to figure out although it hasn’t officially been revealed. The clues have been numerous and aren’t cryptic.

Although I love most of the characters and their lighthearted banter, I wish they weren’t so easy to figure out. The bad guys are pure evil or at least do a poor job of hiding their disdain for the people they dislike. The good guys are so good it’s almost sickening. The women in Griffin’s family are particularly irritating. They mean well, but they’re incredibly naive and need some sense knocked into them. I agree with what Griffin’s family wants to do as the new rulers of Sinta, but most of them are so damn clueless when it comes to politics. It’s hard to believe they overthrew the previous rulers in the first place let alone have the ability to maintain their position.

I know most of this review sounds negative, but I loved the book! The issues didn’t detract from my enjoyment. The romance was perfect. It wasn’t slow moving, but Cat didn’t jump into anything without giving it serious thought first and putting up some resistance.


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