Made for Sin by Stacia Kane

9781515953708Rating: 3 stars

When I saw that Stacia Kane had a new urban fantasy book with a bit of a mafia twist I was sold. I think my expectations for this were too high since I loved her Downside Ghosts series. It was okay but not a page turner. Downside Ghosts had such rich world building, and this didn’t have much world building at all. Magical workers and objects were mentioned without any rules or explanation given.

Speare was a PI who worked for criminal organizations. Some important men were being killed and he was tasked with finding the killer. I wasn’t too invested in the case. None of the people who died had any page time while alive. I didn’t care about them. It was too easy to figure out who the final target was. I had that and an important piece of Speare’s history figured out long before he did, so the shock value wasn’t there when things were revealed.

Most of the book focused on his need to sin to keep the demon in his head at bay and on his obsession with Ardeth. Speare was the kind of guy who kept his secrets well guarded, but within days of meeting Ardeth he poured his heart out to her. Sure he liked her, but did he have to turn into an idiot because he wanted to get laid? He laid some heavy shit on her. There wasn’t any shock or fear. Her reaction was suspiciously calm. She was too perfect for Speare. I liked him, but as the book went on he made dumber and dumber decisions. The intensity of his feelings for Ardeth didn’t make sense. He didn’t really know her. Yet there was something I liked about them together.

I’m not sure if another book is planned or if this was a standalone. It could go either way, but I would read the next one if it is turned into a series. It has the potential to be really good.

I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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