Rogue Descendant by Jenna Black

15802872Rating: 3.25 stars

Series: Nikki Glass #3

So I liked this better than the last book, but I can’t figure out why I had liked this so much the first time I read it. Someone was threatening the people Nikki loved, and she was trying to figure out who since there were a few suspects. Usually the mystery is the best part of the books, but Nikki and Anderson didn’t respond the way I would have expected. They were too intent on focusing on the obvious instead of focusing on alternative possibilities.

This book was plagued by the same problems in the last two books. The side characters had little to no development. Most of them barely had any page time. Nikki didn’t like anyone except Jamaal although he is still a jerk. I don’t understand why she likes him. Almost every other man in the series including her enemies were vastly more interesting.

That was one hell of a cliffhanger at the end. It does make me question Anderson’s intelligence. He should have expected something like that would happen if he acted the way he did. Anyway I will read the next book, but I’m not looking forward to it like I was when I originally read this.


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