Reflections by Seanan McGuire

51php67m4il-_sx331_bo1204203200_Rating: 4 stars

Series: Indexing #2

“[F]airy tales are deadly, capable of rewriting reality in order to get what they want–and what they want is rarely good for anybody who’s not on the short list for a happy ending. Fairy tales are not for children, and they don’t care who dies. They never have.”

Fairy tales have a habit of endangering people. The people trapped in the narrative of some stories have to be locked away, so they don’t pose any danger to society. Obviously the people who are locked up don’t want to be. They didn’t ask to be part of a fairy tale; it was thrust upon them. For the first time ever, someone managed to break out of the special fairy tale jail, which shouldn’t have been possible.

I liked this better than Indexing. The storytelling improved greatly. Like Indexing, this was a serial where each chapter was released every two weeks. Seanan McGuire obviously learned how to use this format more effectively. The story was more cohesive and wasn’t as choppy. It jumped into the story right away.

Henry finally began to seem like a person beyond being born Snow White and being a workaholic. She does remind me of Toby Daye (the MC from another series by Seanan McGuire) because she is a hero type and runs head first into danger without considering the consequences. She’s way more bland than Toby although I liked her better in this. Sloane’s history was revealed! I fucking love her. She’s mouthy and bitchy in a manner that is more entertaining than obnoxious. Despite being an evil stepsister, she’s loyal to her friends. The friendship between Sloan and Henry is interesting. They should hate each other, but it’s an opposites attract type of situation. Aside from the two of them, the rest of their ATI crew is in dire need of character development. Some of them have funny lines every now and then, but they still don’t feel essential to the story.

The end left things open for another book. There wasn’t a cliffhanger, but not everything was thoroughly explained. What are the ramifications of the events that occurred? How will Sloan and Henry deal with what happened to them? I’m hoping there will be a third book eventually.


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