Indexing by Seanan McGuire

17907054Rating: 3.5 stars

Series: Indexing #1

I’m not so sure what it was I had liked about this so much the first time I read it. I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s just not all that great either. The world building is where this story excels. Fairy tales are real. They can control people’s lives and dictate what they do. Most people don’t know fairy tales are real. They can be dangerous. To protect people, the ATI Bureau tries to prevent fairy tales from happening.

This was written as a serial, so it wasn’t as cohesive as Seanan McGuire’s other books. The first half was repetitive and slow moving. Henry’s team at the ATI Bureau investigated several fairy tales that were about to happen. It didn’t seem like the story was going anywhere for a while. Then fairy tales started going wrong, and they realized someone was behind it.

The romantic angle was extremely minor. It didn’t add anything to the story. If anything it felt out of place. There were two couples, but their feelings developed quickly with no build up. I’m guessing these relationships will have a bigger impact in the next book.

I loved the idea for this. The world was unique, but the characters needed some work. Except for Sloane, none of them had much personality. They were all boring office drone types. Sure everyone had some entertaining lines here and there, but it wasn’t enough to really make them stand out. Henry (short for Henrietta) was Snow White. Unlike most of the characters, she was willing to bend the rules, but she wasn’t bad ass because of it or anything. Jeff, Andy, and Demi were insignificant. They were mainly just there to fill a role.

Sloan kicked ass. She was a wicked stepsister. Evil was her second nature, and she constantly fought it although not always very well. She was the only character who was unpredictable. Her bitchy attitude was very entertaining. Although she was bitchy, she didn’t treat people like shit aside from being mouthy sometimes. She was bad but good underneath it all. It was her character that made this book worth reading.

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