Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

25776210Rating: 3 stars

Series: Mercy Thompson #9

I feel like I’m missing something. Everyone else is giving Fire Touched rave reviews while I feel like it was just okay. It wasn’t action packed and definitely wasn’t a page turner. Maybe I’ve outgrown this series. I just don’t love it like I used to.

A lot of people will probably disagree with me on this point, but I want Mercy to stop being so perfect. She has excellent control over her emotions, which is a good thing. It’s been necessary for her to survive since she’s always been an outcast. Every once in a while at least in private I’d like to see her break down and cry or lose her cool. She’s been mistreated and looked down upon for her whole life. It should affect her sometimes. In this book someone disowned her, and her response was disappointing. It would have been normal to be deeply affected but she wasn’t.

In Night Broken, I lost a lot of respect for Adam. Mercy likes to deal with issues on her own, and he gives her the freedom to that. In the last book it was apparent he was letting people walk all over his wife while he stood by and watched. Adam finally stepped up to the plate and defended her, but I felt like it was too little too late. I still like Adam but don’t feel like he’s Mr. Wonderful anymore. Especially after seeing how the pack responded to Adam’s pronouncement, it really makes me wonder why he didn’t do this a long time ago since it was such a simple way to end the drama between the pack and Mercy.

The plot was fae centric, which I enjoyed. The fae in this world are fascinating. Some are good. Some are bad. All are manipulative. Their end game is a mystery. A lot of interesting stuff was learned about the fae in particular the grey lords.

Zee and Tad were back! I absolutely love both of them. The walking stick was around a lot. Margaret was a great addition to the series. Thomas Hao turned out to be quite an unusual vampire. I wish Stefan had been in it. He is one of my favorite characters in the whole series. I always miss him when he’s not around. There was a death which shocked me. I probably shouldn’t feel as devastated by the loss as I do. The series won’t be epically changed by the loss but an entertaining part of the series however small is now gone.


4 thoughts on “Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

  1. I agree about perfect heroines. I do not like perfect characters and authors tend to make heroine’s too nice. Do we really know anyone in real life who doesn’t have a bad thought or blow a gasket once in a while?

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