The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens

11162228Rating: 4 stars

Series: Graveyard Queen #2

Amelia wanted to escape her problems in Charleston. A chance to escape arose when a cemetery needed to be restored in a small, isolated town. Most of the people there weren’t friendly, and everyone had secrets they were keeping. Something about the town wasn’t right.

I like this book although I still think it’s the worst book in the series. It was odd having the second book in the series take place in a new setting with a whole new cast of characters except for Amelia. These characters were meant to be offsetting and troublesome, but it also meant that I didn’t like most of them. It wasn’t that all of them were unlikable, but I couldn’t get attached to any of them either.

In The Restorer I became rather attached to Devlin. It was disappointing going into this book knowing he wouldn’t be in it. Amelia was still attracted to Devlin which was promising, but I wish this book hadn’t had it’s own romance. I could buy the paranormal romance we’re drawn to each other for no reason with Devlin, but it didn’t work having it happen a second time with another man.

It was entertaining learning about Amelia’s sordid family history. As the mystery unraveled it became predictable. Obviously I hadn’t figured out all the details about her birth, but it was easy to figure out who her relatives were. Some important info about Amelia’s background was revealed in her sojourn to Asher Falls, but IDK if it was really necessary to have devoted a whole book to it.


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