The Restorer by Amanda Stevens

513lc55l3pl-_sx314_bo1204203200_Rating: 4 stars

Series: Graveyard Queen #1

Amelia Gray restores cemeteries for a living and can see ghosts. At a young age her father gave her some vague rules on how to deal with them. The rules mainly involved avoiding them. While working on a job to restore a cemetery, a body was found freshly buried in an old grave. Detective John Devlin needed Amelia’s assistance with the case. Devlin was haunted by two ghosts, and Amelia was supposed to stay away from anyone who was haunted.

She was inexplicably drawn to Devlin, so Amelia didn’t stay away although she should have. He was intense, brooding, and alluring. It was unusual to have a character with such appeal who was private and barely spoke about himself. The side characters were the ones to reveal some of his past although he still mostly remained a mystery. This definitely had a paranormal romance feel where the characters are instantly drawn to each other for no particular reason. Amelia and Devlin didn’t really know each other well enough to feel the way they did, but for whatever reason it worked for me in this book.

There wasn’t much action, but I didn’t find the pacing to be slow. The characters were more interesting than the murder plot. Everyone Amelia knew including her own family was secretive. As she became more involved in the murder case, it brought to light things she hadn’t known about the people around her, and she began to have new supernatural experiences. There is a lot more to learn about about the characters and Amelia’s abilities.


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