His Light in the Dark by L.A. Fiore

27857530Rating: 3 stars

Mia and Cole met as children when her father tried to save Cole from his abusive father. The story spanned about 2 decades showing how their relationship evolved. Mia was the good girl with the perfect life. Cole OTOH could never escape his demons. Despite their differences they were still drawn to each other.

I would have liked this better, but it started to drag in the middle. Cole and Mia’s dad got into some trouble, but they never let Mia know what was really going on. Someone betrayed Mia’s dad, and it set off a huge chain of events. No one knew who betrayed him, and Mia was desperate to figure it out. This part of the story was boring because it was fairly obvious who wronged Mia’s dad, and it took a long time for the characters to put it together. It would have been more suspenseful if the book had been shorter.

I wasn’t feeling any passion or chemistry between Mia and Cole until the last quarter of the book. They were close as kids despite the 5 year age difference. Then they were separated for several years. When they reconnected, Cole purposely kept his distance. No matter what happened, Mia tried to strengthen their relationship. Chapters from Cole’s POV gave insight to his reasons for this, but from Mia’s perspective I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t give up on him. He gave her the cold shoulder for over a decade. There were a few moments between them during that time, but they weren’t intense enough to really get the feeling they were meant to be. It was pathetic after a while for Mia to put herself out there over and over again while he barely gave her a response.

I’m not going to say anything specific about the ending because it would give away some major spoilers. It was too perfect and over the top. I didn’t want a dismal, sad ending, but it would have been okay if certain things hadn’t happened.

I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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