Gifted Thief by Helen Harper

26794855Rating: 4 stars

Series: Highland Magic #1

Integrity was an orphan. The other fae treated her poorly. Eventually she ran away and met Taylor. He gave her a home and taught her his profession, which was thievery. After many years, the fae contacted Integrity. She planned to flee, but bad things began happening to those she loved. She had to figure out who was after them and why.

Integrity despite being a thief managed to live up to her name. She would steal without batting an eye, but she had a moral code. She didn’t want to take anything that would have sentimental value. It was almost hard to believe she was a thief because she was too caring, but she was raised to do it. It was all she knew. Her life was all about taking risks, but the decisions she made weren’t dumb. She was mouthy and had an attitude sometimes, but she also knew when it was wise to shut up. Integrity does have the potential to become a special snowflake. Her magical abilities haven’t thoroughly been explored, but they definitely are unique.

Byron was the equivalent of a fae prince. He could be charming, sweet, and seductive. He also knew how to be manipulative. I got the vibe that he’s a good guy at heart. I really liked him although I didn’t agree with everything he did. There was strong chemistry with him and Integrity, so a romance may happen later on.

The side characters needed more work. Taylor was Integrity’s surrogate dad. Her 3 partners in crime Lexie, Speck, and Brochan were also like family to Integrity. It was explained why those people were important to her, but it wasn’t shown. They didn’t get enough page to feel the bond between them. For a group of thieves they were incredibly loyal to each other, which wasn’t realistic. Some of the fae side characters were more dynamic, but there hadn’t been time to determine their motives.

In this world the fae were divided into 4 clans. Something crazy happened, and Integrity was the only surviving member of hers. There were other fae who were clanless. They were considered insignificant. Humans were aware of the fae, but the interactions amongst the clans, the clanless, and humans wasn’t thoroughly explained. Some hints were given about what happened in Clan Adair and to Integrity’s parents. I can’t wait to read the next book to find out more!

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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