The Hunt by Donna Augustine

51w2plebq2bl-_sx311_bo1204203200_Rating: 2 stars

Series: The Wilds #2

Well this was a disappointment. Not much happened to further the overarching plot. Some stuff about magic and some other people and creatures in the Wilds was explored, but not enough to satisfy my curiosity. This was about a young girl who was kidnapped and their attempts to get her back. It was all rather boring and anticlimactic.

Dax told Dahlia his biggest secret at the end of the last book. I thought it would have made them closer, but Dax was just as closed off as ever, maybe even more so. They were together most of the time, but he only spoke on a need to know basis. He spoke so little that there wasn’t even a chance for witty banter. I had been expecting more character development for him. There wasn’t any character development for the side characters either.

Dahlia smartened up some. She finally learned to listen others with better judgement every once and a while, so she wasn’t as reckless. Instead of mouthing off all the time with no means to back it up, she was finally learning how to defend herself. She’s becoming a special snowflake with her special magical skills, and every guy she talked to fell head over heels in love with her. So much page time was focused on her thoughts about Dax: Did he like her? Was he using her? Blah blah blah. It got old after a while.

Why did a love triangle have to introduced? It ruined a perfectly good story. It’s a particularly shitty love triangle too. It’s so obvious Dahlia only really wants Dax. She’s convinced he isn’t interested in her because he isn’t talkative and is distant completely ignoring the fact that he spent way more time with her than anyone else. He told her his biggest secret. That should have given her a clue about how he felt. Rocky was a guy who lived in the village they were visiting. His role in the story was minimal. All I could really say about him is that he was nice. He expressed interest in Dahlia, and she actually considered it. She hated the village. Rocky asked her if she wanted to live there. She considered that as well. It didn’t make any sense. Who would consider moving to a place they don’t like for a guy they barely know? It was stupid. It made Dahlia seem attention hungry although she continually expressed that she didn’t need anyone.

The love triangle drama ruined the end. Dahlia ran off to try to save the kidnapped girl. Then Rocky and Dax got involved. Instead of focusing on saving a child who was kidnapped, the three of them stood there arguing about who Dahlia belonged to. What a bunch of macho bullshit.

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