Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning

12444298Rating: 3.5 stars

Series: Fever #8

I’m not writing off this series yet. Feverborn definitely exceeded my expectations, which were admittedly extremely low based on the prior two books in the series. The first half of this was so damn boring. It took a while to get the story going. I almost gave up on it. Although some developments in the second half were good, I still have my doubts about where this is going.

There wasn’t much of a plot. Everyone was working together to stop the black holes from destroying the world, but it was often forgotten about. Someone from Mac’s past unexpectedly showed up, and she spent a lot of time figuring out how to deal with that situation. I have mixed feelings about that storyline. Mainly the book focused on the characters. There were some good developments with a few of them.

The Characters:

Mac wasn’t nearly as irritating as she was in Burned. Sure she still rambled on endlessly. I just skimmed some of those parts. She was more bearable that way. Unlike in Burned, she was more focused on issues that actually mattered. She wasn’t obsessed with sex like before. She’s still highly sexual, but it didn’t consume every waking thought.

Ryodan is a bastard. He has some nice moments, but they are so few and far between that it doesn’t change how I feel about him in general. He’s too controlling and self centered. The only person he isn’t a complete dick with is Jada. I want to know why he’s always had a soft spot for her. Maybe it’s nothing, but I doubt he just felt sorry for her. He’s not the type.

Barrons is becoming secondary to Ryodan, which is bullshit. I’d love to see Barrons lose his cool with Ryodan when he mouths off and tells everyone what to do. I wish he would defy Ryodan and tell Mac some of the nines secrets. I could be wrong, but it seems like he gets less page time now. He’s way more interesting than Ryodan. At least he has some depth.

Jada finally became likable! I really hated her guts at the beginning. It was awkward how she referred to herself as a child and herself now as two different people. The silvers obviously traumatized her. She has a superiority complex, and she probably distances herself from Dani because she views her as weak. Although her behavior didn’t change much, the chapters from her POV were very insightful. She actually seemed normal with feelings and weaknesses instead of being heartless and calculating.

Christian wasn’t creepy or weird anymore. He was more like his old self again. I feel bad for him because he doesn’t really fit in anywhere anymore. Mac’s one of the few people that doesn’t treat him like a freak or an enemy.

Dancer is back! He’s so laid back compared to all of the other guys in the series. I love him! His interactions with Jada were so sweet. Emotionally he touched Jada in a way no one else did. My favorite scene in the book was one between them. He opened up in a way he never had before. I still have hope for a Jada and Dancer HEA.

The Romance:

The Jada/Ryodan/Dancer love triangle blows. Dancer is the only one who really gets her. IMO this book proved that he is the right man for her. Jada has lots of emotional issues. Someone like Ryodan isn’t capable of dealing with those in a way that would benefit Jada. He’s too harsh. I will always view him as a parental figure. I can’t ship a guy who loved a girl as a child. It’s too fucking creepy.

I like Mac and Barrons as a couple. The problem is 8 books into the series their relationship hasn’t evolved in quite a while. It’s defined by sex. I’m all for plenty of good sex scenes, but when people are in a relationship I expect more. They still can’t communicate with each other about simple things. Great sex is awesome, but if that’s all they’ve got going for them, their relationship is shitty.

Some interesting things were brought up:

The tribunal- Who the hell is it that controls the nines?
Shazam- What the hell is he?
The Unseelie King- Is he in danger?
What are the Sweepers trying to achieve?

The end of this book was awesome! Some scenes were very touching. Damn the cliffhanger! I felt duped at the end. My kindle was at 89%. Something crazy happened. And the story was over! The rest of the book was just a guide. Anyway I am looking forward to the next one. I want to know how all of this plays out.



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