The Wilds by Donna Augustine

26193300Rating: 3.5 stars

Series: The Wilds #1

I didn’t want to put this down although there were things about it I didn’t like. The setting was original. A plague had swept across the world and killed most of the population. Most of civilization had collapsed. Society was divided into smaller countries, and most of the USA was a massive forest called the Wilds. Strange beasts and dangerous people lived there.

Dahlia was a plaguer, which meant she was one of the few who had the plague and survived it. Plaguers had some special abilities. Because of that, they were either killed or locked up. Dahlia had been locked up for most of her life. She adjusted to life on the outside too well. I would have expected her to be slightly shell shocked since she was experiencing a bunch of new things at once. Her spunky and defiant behavior was irritating sometimes. It wasn’t bad enough that she was TSTL, but sometimes she just wasn’t smart enough to realize other people knew way more about the world than she did.

The character development was poor. Dahlia and Dax were the only characters with any level of depth. The other characters didn’t have much in the way of personality. None of the side characters had any background information revealed about them. Although I did like Dax, he was too distant. A little mystery is entertaining but too much is aggravating. He finally opened up at the very end of the book, but it felt like too little too late.

I am interested in learning more about the world. Only some info was divulged about the beasts. What the Dark Walkers are and their goals are unknown. They seemed creepy, but I want to know what the hell they can actually do. Although this took place in the Wilds, there are countries with governments. How the new governments operate in the post-plague world is a mystery. I want to read the next book to find some of this out.


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