Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marillier

17305016Rating: 2 stars

Series: Blackthorn & Grim #1

I can’t believe I made it to the end. It was agonizing to get through this. I was so damn bored. Around the 60% mark I started skimming because the story would drag on forever before a point was made. Many of the characters’ thoughts were repetitive. They pondered the same issues endlessly. It was annoying since I often figured out what was going on long before they did.

Initially the story was interesting. One of the fae sought Blackthorn out to make a deal with her. The deal was he’d save her life if she would help anyone who asked her to for the next 7 years. He freed her from her confinement and in the process her cellmate Grim was freed as well. Blackthorn and Grim were both broken from the horrible things they had experienced. Blackthorn had become bitter with a deep desire for vengeance, and Grim was extremely sad. Both of them were middle aged and were not romantically involved. These are unique traits for main characters in fantasy. I thought this book was going to be awesome. It was when Oran’s POV evolved that it all went downhill.

Although the series is called Blackthorn and Grim, Oran had many chapters from his perspective. I wanted to throttle him because he was annoying as hell. Oran was 22 which I know is young but he often seemed younger. All of his lofty ideals about love made him seem pathetic. I really hated him after a while. I didn’t give a shit about his love life. Then his fiance arrived. Flidais was not the woman Oran thought she would be. Something was going on with her that caused the change. Solving the mystery of what happened to her would have been an interesting plot point if it hadn’t been so predictable. There were many things I wish had been focused on other than Oran and Flidais.

Over the course of the book Blackthorn and Grim solved two mysteries. There was a bad guy so to speak in each one. The punishments for these characters were absolutely ridiculous. One person committed some atrocious crimes and got off lightly. The worst part was everyone agreed the punishment fit the crime. Another person was mostly a victim of circumstance and received a harsh punishment for it.

The reason this book gets 2 stars instead of one is Grim. He is fucking awesome! I can’t think of any male leads like him. He was sweet, kind, and understanding. Danger lurked beneath the surface. He could be lethal if threatened although generally he was not a threat. One of my favorite things about him was that he would cry. It’s rare to find male characters who cry. Something about him made me want to give him a hug. As much as this book irritated me, I may read the next one to learn more about Grim.


2 thoughts on “Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marillier

  1. Thanks for the warning! The cover is awesome, so I would have probably looked more into this story. I’m glad you were so honest. I appreciate that in a reviewer. There are so many books out there that there is not enough time to waste on one that is so-so. Thanks!!

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