New Snippets from Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs

25776210The newest Mercy Thompson book Fire Touched will be released on March 8th. A new snippet from the book was posted on Patricia Brigg’s blog. It’s short and gives a brief glimpse into the story. Another snippet should be released in a month or so. You can read the snippet here.

I wasn’t lucky enough to get an ARC. I’ve read a few reviews from people those who did get them, and they have very good things to say about it.

The newest Kate Daniels book Magic Binds doesn’t have a cover or a release date although I do believe it is supposed to be released sometime later on this year. Ilona Andrews did post a new and entertaining snippet. Roman is in it!!! I absolutely adore him. He’s hilarious and is a great but highly underused side character. It would awesome if he is in this book a fair amount. And Roland is already causing trouble. I’m really interested to see how this plays out. I almost didn’t read this because I hate getting a little teaser when I know I can’t read the rest for months, but I couldn’t resist. The snippet for Magic Binds can be read here.


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