Dark Night of the Soul by Kitty Thomas

513hywaxwjl-_sx323_bo1204203200_Rating: 2 stars

This world alternates between 1000 hours of darkness (night) and 1000 hours of light (day). People must be civil and obey the law during the day, but at night anything is fair game. Being caught outside at night was dangerous. Helene wasn’t able to make it home before night and was captured.

I didn’t like either of the main characters. At the beginning Helene was severely depressed. Although I understood why she felt the way she did, I couldn’t empathize with her. About halfway through her emotional state changed. I really couldn’t connect with her at that point. Her feelings just weren’t believable. Gabriel liked to be in control. The only thing to like about him was that he could have been worse and wasn’t.

The paranormal aspect was downplayed. Gabriel was a vampire. He drank blood, could alter people’s thoughts, and was weakened during the day. The paranormal stuff could have been taken out and the story would have been pretty much the same.

Gabriel’s behavior wasn’t any different than most powerful men in dark romances. Romance isn’t really the right word to define this story. There wasn’t any love or heartfelt feelings. Helene was Gabriel’s captive until morning came. It annoyed me that Helene was special in Gabriel’s eyes; he treated her differently than the average captive. There were several sex scenes, which were consensual, but they were more clinical than erotic.

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