Magic Stars by Ilona Andrews

magic_stars_smRating: 5 stars

Series: Grey Wolf #1, Kate Daniels #8.5

I’m at a loss for words. It was too good to be coherent after reading it. Derek and Julie! Wow! This pulled on all the heart strings. Could two people be any more perfect for each other? I’ve always shipped Derek and Julie, but now I really really ship them extra hard.

Ilona Andrews are UF gods. I bow down to you and pledge my undying devotion because you can do no wrong. I loved this novella! It was 10 times better than most books. I usually hate short stories and novellas because they don’t feel completely fleshed out. But this was amazing! I cannot believe they packed so much awesomeness into one small story.

I don’t even know where to start with how much I loved Derek. He is definitely my new book boyfriend. He’s much darker than most of IA’s characters. I hadn’t realized how deeply troubled he is until getting this glimpse inside his head. I knew he was bothered by his physical scars but had no idea the emotional ones went so far back. No matter what was going on in his head, he was still completely devoted and loyal to the people he is close to. There is hope for him, and I think it comes in the form a 16 year old girl named Julie.

Julie kicked ass! I was seriously impressed with her fighting skills. She’s turned into a mini Kate. They even have the same sense of humor. She’s way more mature than I had ever expected. I like her a lot more after reading this. Her behavior in the recent Kate Daniels books has had me worried, but it makes more sense after she discussed some things with Derek.

Magic Stars is not some random novella. This is a must read for the Kate Daniels series. Some important stuff was in it about Roland and Hugh. I’m freaking thrilled this is the start of a new series! It didn’t end on a cliffhanger, but it definitely left me wanting more.


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