The Scholomance by R. Lee Smith

510dt1mckhl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Rating: 2 stars

The Scholomance is a secret school where magic is taught by demons to those who enter. The students are at the mercy of the demons and must obey their rules. Mara’s only friend, after being out of touch for years, sent her a letter which said she needed to be saved from the school. Mara decided to save her, which really was quite out of character for her to do.

The demons were pathetic and spineless. I was expecting them to be badass and evil. They didn’t resemble humans, which was about the only thing that made them remotely creepy. They had magic. They didn’t use it much, and it wasn’t cool anyway. Kazuul was the ruler of the demons. All you need to know about him is this:


Okay so he didn’t cry but close enough. The rest of the demons weren’t much better.

Mara was a heartless bitch. She only cared about herself. I really think the only reason she decided to save Connie was so she could feel better about herself. The standards she held other people to didn’t apply to herself. Other people could do horrible things, and it was amoral; when she did something abhorred, it was completely justified. She used everybody, but people were drawn to her like flies to shit. I’ve never read a book before where I was hoping the whole time that the main character would be punished, suffer horribly, or die; she was despicable.


I felt so disconnected from the story and characters in general. Some fucked up stuff happened,  but I wasn’t disturbed or bothered in the least. The passages may as well have been talking about arranging flowers for all of the emotions they aroused. Sexy times are always a good thing, but I didn’t care about those scenes either. Sex was used as a tool, a means to an end; no emotion was involved.

The plot was shit. Twists never came, and the book was way too fucking long not to have any twists. Everything I thought would happen did. The characters were transparent, so it was easy as hell to figure out what was going on.

The special snowflake trope is one of my most hated tropes ever! Mara was special. Magic came naturally to her. She was desired by everyone no matter how she acted. She was so special that she was never punished for anything even when she broke many of the rules. It really got on my nerves because if there was ever a character undeserving of being special it was her.

It wasn’t all bad. I was into it for the first half of the book. Then it got boring and repetitive. The writing was good. It was a great idea for a story, but I didn’t give a shit enough to actually like it.

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