Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews

19504964Rating: 4 stars

Series: Innkeeper Chronicles #2

I devoured this book. Read it all in one sitting. It was different than the usual type of Ilona Andrews book. The lighthearted and fun vibe of Clean Sweep was replaced with a pervasive feeling of melancholy and sometimes anger. Dina was on her own. Hosting the summit came with a large amount of responsibility. As the summit progressed it felt like everyone was using her in one way or another which made her lonely and wistful for the past.

Although this was different and wasn’t my favorite Ilona Andrews book, I still really liked it. I thought Dina was easy to relate to for me anyway. I have a lot of my own issues with missing family either because they’re dead or living far away, so her loneliness made sense to me. Growing up with a close knit family and losing it is hard.

At first I was so happy to see George from the Edge series, but George grew up to be an asshole. Now that he’s an adult, he’s an arbitrator, so he was in charge of the summit. The reasons he did what he did made perfect sense, but he operated under the philosophy of the ends justify the means. I was pissed at the end because there weren’t severe consequences for what he did.

Sean who was MIA for most of the book was greatly missed both by me and Dina. Their relationship didn’t get the chance to develop, but hopefully it’ll be better for the two of them in the next book. The other potential love interest from Clean Sweep, Arland was around because of the summit. The vibe between him and Dina was totally different this time. He was there in professional capacity only.

Most of the humor came from two side characters: Caldenia and Orro. Caldenia is the inn’s permanent resident. She is hilarious and a bad ass. I desperately want to know more about her. Orro was a new character. Dina needed a chef for the inn, and he was the only qualified person she could find for a cheap price. Orro cracked me up. His monologue in the kitchen was one of my favorite scenes in the whole book.

There was an overabundance of recapping. I reread Clean Sweep right before reading this so maybe too much was fresh on my mind and it felt unnecessary to have it all rehashed again. Not much new was discovered about Dina’s family. Even some hints would be nice because WTF happened to her parents? Things were definitely looking up at the end, so I can’t wait to see where things are headed.


3 thoughts on “Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews

  1. I enjoyed this one – was looking for something light and funny, and while the vibe was a little more stressed-out in this one, it was still pretty good! Orro was hilarious, and it was great seeing the kids from The Edge series. Like you, I’d like to know much more about her family though.

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