Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

clean sweepRating: 5 stars

Series: Innkeeper Chronicles #1

I love this book! It even has a love triangle, and you know what? I’m okay with that. It fucking worked. Not many authors are talented enough to have a love triangle and make me like it, but Ilona Andrews can. Anyway Clean Sweep is truly original. I’ve read a lot of UF, and none of it is anything like this. It has a sci-fi twist, which normally isn’t something I’d like, but once again it fucking worked.

Dina is an innkeeper but not the usual kind. She and the inn have a symbiotic, magical relationship. And the guests they aren’t human, most of them aren’t even from Earth. Remaining neutral and protecting guests are some of the most important duties an innkeeper. Dina is awesome! She’s tough, strong, and independent. She’ll kick some ass when she needs to but isn’t the type to go looking for violence. Sometimes the crazy guests bring trouble to her door. Although Dina has magic and her life is chaotic at times, she is normal in many ways.

Werewolves aren’t usually my thing, but Sean is great. I fell for him practically from the start. He was a bit of an ass at first, but that quickly changed. Being an alpha, he was prone to being bossy but wasn’t controlling, which I really liked about him. Sean is a great blend of macho male and nice guy. I absolutely loved his sense of humor.

The other guy in the love triangle was Arland. Normally I’d like him best since he was a vampire. This time I didn’t. Maybe it was because he isn’t the standard type of vampire. I did like Arland. He was charming, suave, wealthy, and good looking. He had it all. I’m not sure why I didn’t like him more than I did. There wasn’t anything wrong with him.

The romance was not the focus of the story. All of the characters were united to fight a common enemy. The world Ilona Andrews created for this story was unique. This was UF, and although it had vampires and weres they didn’t operate by the normal rules or have the usual backstory for them. The story was rounded out with memorable side characters. Caldenia was my favorite side character, managing to be both disturbing and hilarious at the same time. If you haven’t read this read it now. You won’t regret it.


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