Reap the Wind by Karen Chance

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Cassie Palmer #7

Everything was completely chaotic and action packed, but nothing really happened. I mean nothing. I knew before reading this that it was initially a long book that got divided into two, and that’s exactly what it fucking felt like. It felt like the book ended halfway through the story because there was no resolution. The major problem at the end of Tempt the Stars is still a goddamned problem at the end of this. In fact every problem Cassie had at the beginning she had at the end.

The scenes with Pritkin were good, but it wasn’t the same. I like him better when he is a cynical hardass. He was still stubborn, loyal, and brave, but it was weird to see him carefree. His memory loss made everything different since he didn’t actually remember Cassie. They still appeared to connect no matter when they met in time.

Mircea finally made an appearance although not by choice. Nothing changed with him. He did what he always does and used sex to try to divert Cassie from getting any answers from him. I don’t hate Mircea, but man he pisses me off. He’s a great vamp, but he is all wrong for Cassie. Outside of sex they don’t connect. Most of Cassie’s feelings for him really come from their history. She certainly doesn’t have any warm and fuzzy feelings based on how he treats her now.

In Tempt the Stars, Cassie finally started to show growth and realized that very few people were on her side without any selfish motives involved. For a good portion of this book she seemed to forget most of that and reverted back to the vampires are my family line of thought. The vampires are her family since they did raise her, but just because they are family doesn’t mean they’re a good family for her. Vampires are inherently selfish. When is she going to realize they kept her around for a reason? She has always been a pawn in someone else’s game. Towards the end she was coming to grips with this, but she is still in denial in many ways.

The next book which was supposed to be out in the spring has already been delayed. I’m really hoping it is only delayed by a few months because at the very least I’m dying to know what the hell happens to Pritkin.


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