Tempt the Stars by Karen Chance

Rating: 5 stars

Series: Cassie Palmer #6

My opinion has not changed during my reread. I never wrote a review the first time, so I’m doing it now. Did this book have some issues? Sure, but the parts that were good were really fucking good. So the 5 star rating stands. I ship Pritkin. He can be a complete asshole. I downright hated him during the first two or three books in the series, but he’s proven to be loyal, brave, and honest. Large portions of the book focused on him either by giving him page time or by Cassie thinking about him.

The story really jumped around, but it was easy enough to follow. There were valid reasons for the plot to change settings the way it did. Cassie finally was opening her eyes to what has been going on around her. Almost every person in her life is trying to control her in one way or another. She is in her own position of power and it would be great if her revelations about those around her made her more independent from the ones who are using her. Cassie discovered a few unique magical abilities she had not known she was capable of. Those abilities may paint a target on her back if they are widely known.

I am getting sick of the love triangle. I’ll be really pissed if it gets dragged out for several more books. I understand why Cassie has feelings for Mircea and Pritkin. They’ve both deeply affected her life but in completely different ways. I like both of them as characters but feel that Pritkin has her best interests at heart. Mircea obviously doesn’t want her to be hurt, but he has some unknown selfish reasons for keeping her around. It all comes down to the fact that Cassie can really trust Pritkin but not Mircea. That’s my opinion anyway.

6 thoughts on “Tempt the Stars by Karen Chance

    1. You may be waiting a while. I just finished Reap the Wind, and the love triangle hasn’t been resolved yet. It’ll be a while before we get another Dory book. KC is finishing up the next Cassie one, and then she’ll write another Dory book.


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