Hansel by Ella James

hansel 1 hansel2 hansel 3 hansel 4

Rating: 4 stars

Series: Hansel #1-4

Hansel gets 4 stars just for the enjoyment factor. This is no literary masterpiece. There were some plot holes and other details were left open ended, but I don’t give it shit. I had a damn good time reading this. Besides my investment in the story was in their relationship, not in the minor details of their kidnapping. Hansel is a 4 part serial. My review is for the whole series since it is the length of one book.

Hansel and Leah went through a harrowing experience together when they were young. Neither of them had any contact in years when they unexpectedly crossed each other’s paths. Both of them were still so messed up over what happened that they don’t know how to react to each other. I liked Leah because she was flawed and insecure but managed to be strong at the same time. Hansel was an asshole most of the time. Since some chapters were from his POV, it was easy to understand why he acted the way he did. I wish some history had been given about how Hansel became successful. Statistically speaking emotionally damaged kids with no money or family usually don’t fare well as adults. It wasn’t important in the context of the story, but I still would have liked to know.

There were some revelations that were truly shocking in parts 3 and 4. I hadn’t seen them coming at all. It was twisted and demented, and I loved it! Overall I liked how it ended. The very end was a little abrupt; it seemed like there should have been an epilogue. It didn’t ruin anything not to have one though.


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