Until the Sun Falls from the Sky by Kristen Ashley

Rating: 1.5 stars

Series: The Three #1

This was awful! I hated it more and more with every page I read. I should have given up on it when it went from decent to complete shit half way through. The beginning was good. Leah was basically handed off to a powerful vampire to be his concubine. She was completely in the dark about the vampire culture, which made it easy for her to be manipulated.

Normally I like possessive vampires. Lucian took things too far to the point of being a creeper. I never warmed to him. I finished the book thinking that he would redeem himself somehow. He did provide Leah with a good home and protect her from others, but that is not enough to make him a good man. The only reason he got away with the shit he did was because he had power, good looks, and money.

*****The rest of this review has spoilers so read at your own risk.*****

The things I loathed about Lucian:

1. He took advantage of Leah’s ignorance about vampires.
2. Used mind control on others.
3. Being a concubine was supposed to be a choice, but he literally forced her to be one against her will.
4. He stalked Leah for 20 years!
5. He didn’t open up to her until he was forced to.
6. Complete obedience was expected from Leah, but he was not happy when she was completely obedient.
7. He prevented Leah from having contact with any family or friends.
8. Due to his obsessive need to have her, Leah was in constant danger.
9. He treated his ex like shit.
10. He was a controlling prick. He chose what Leah wore and ate. He decided when she would eat, sleep, talk, wear clothes, and have orgasms.
11. Repeatedly called Leah pet although she asked him to stop many times.
12. His complete disregard for Leah’s emotions, wants, or desires.
13. His belief that he was above the law while bemoaning others for breaking it.

Disappointing doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about Leah. Initially she had no problem telling Lucian off, which he deserved. Whenever she was mad, Lucian would give her an orgasm in a dubious consent type of situation. Sex warped her brain because it made her think he wasn’t so bad after all. About half way into the book she decided that Lucian was an asshole to her because she wasn’t understanding of him and his lifestyle. Worst of all she changed to please him while he kept being an ass. She was very quick to forgive him for the cruel things he did. I wanted her to fight him every step of the way, but it didn’t happen. Lucian’s goal was to break her. Well he succeeded much to my dismay.

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