Wicked as She Wants by Delilah S. Dawson

Rating: 1 star

Series: Blud #2

It’s amazing that I even finished this book. It was awful. I had really liked Wicked as They Come, so I figured this would be good too. This was soooo disappointing. It’s a spin on the story of Anastasia but with vampires. Ahnasatsia was drained and assumed to be dead for years. She woke up weak and hungry and Casper happened to be there. She treated him like shit, and for some unknown reason he kept being nice to her. Treating people like scum was the norm for her since she was a princess, but it did not make for an entertaining read.

I didn’t like any of the characters. Ahna was a bitch. She was more appealing as the story went on but not enough to actually say I’d like her. She was way too selfish. Casper was a doormat. He just went along with whatever Ahna wanted. The romance was dull. I really could have cared less if they were together or not. Keen (Casper’s sidekick) was a selfish brat who served no real purpose in the story.

The storyline was lame. Ahna’s family was killed so she had to go back home to take control of Freesia from the person who killed her family. Through most of the book she was traveling incognito to get there. Half of the people she encountered knew who she was anyway. The big showdown at the end was short and highly anti-climatic. The enemy was too easy to overthrow. This book was a waste of my time.


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