Hunted by K.F. Breene

Rating: 3 stars

Series: The Warrior Chronicles #2

Chosen was surprisingly good, but I had such a hard time getting into this one. Maybe my mood was affecting my enjoyment of it? IDK what it was exactly, but it just dragged. There wasn’t much of a plot so it all felt kind of aimless. Everyone stumbled around doing whatever without a real goal in mind. The tone was different; it was far more somber. Jokes were still made, but in general it didn’t have the same lighthearted feel.

Shanti was around new characters for most of the book, and I didn’t really care for them. Rohnan was okay. His power could be useful in the right situation, but most of the insight he gave to people’s emotions were things that weren’t hard to figure out anyway. Burson annoyed me because everything with him is all about prophecy. I like it better when the characters are in control of their fate. Most of the time they listened to Burson’s advice rather than having to figure it out on their own. The whole story angle with Burson made the book boring for me.

I missed Shanti being with Cayan and her Honor Guard. It wasn’t the same when they weren’t working together. The level of sexual frustration was upped in this. Normally I love the slow build romance, but something about this series makes me want to scream just do it already!!! The best part of this book was Sanders. He really shined in this and was funny as hell.

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