Sideswiped by Kim Harrison

Rating: 2.5 stars

Series: Peri Reed Chronicles #0.5

Sideswiped is the intro to the Peri Reed Chronicles. It was the standard boring short story that doesn’t give you enough info to care about the plot or the characters. Some people may like this, but I’m not a big fan of short stories in general.

The whole drafting thing is weird and kind of lame. They go back in time for a few seconds to maybe a minute. WTF is that? That’s barely even enough to consider it time travel. I was able to understand the basics of drafting but was still confused about many aspects of it. I assume all of that will be explained in The Drafter.

I didn’t like any of the characters. Peri had potential but not enough page time. Silas was pathetic. All of the constant dramatic statements about how he can’t bear to be away from Summer were annoying. For a short story we were beat over the head with this info. Yet Silas and Summer barely spent any time together and had no chemistry at all.

It was also mentioned like a bazillion times that Silas is a genius. He’s the best. Better than everyone else. Blah, blah, blah. Couldn’t he have actually done something intelligent throughout the story? He did one dumb ass thing after another.

This was not an impressive intro to the series, but I won’t hold it against the rest of it. Novels may give this topic far more depth than this story was able to.


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