Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge

Rating: 3 stars

After reading Cruel Beauty, I had expected this to be really good. Unfortunately it wasn’t. It was okay but definitely wasn’t a page turner. The book could have been shorter and made the same point and wouldn’t have dragged so much in some parts. Except for the very beginning of the story, it didn’t resemble Red Riding Hood in any way.

The world building The world, the magic, and the supernatural creatures were original. The Great Forest was in a different plane of existence that overlapped with the normal world. The Devourer in the Great Forest threatened to destroy the normal world, which was already tainted with the evil of the forest by creating bloodborn and forestborn. The one thing with the world building that I did not like was that all of the rules for the world were established, and then they were broken because certain characters were special.

The main character Rachelle was kick ass. She was a fighter and could take care of herself. Her moral code made her somewhat different than the other bloodborn. Her self loathing really got on my nerves. It was necessary to understand how she felt to understand her motives, but after a while it was like beating the dead horse.

The love triangle Uggh! This had to be one of the shittiest love triangles ever. I didn’t really like either guy. I just wanted her to pick one and move on to end my misery. Eric at least had some personality. He had the bad boy thing going on, which made him vastly more interesting than the other guy who was literally referred to as a saint. Armand was the saintly one and boring as hell. With one of the guys, Rachelle decided out of the blue that she was in love. They had been getting closer but not that close. The story would have been just fine without any of this drama.

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