Chosen by K.F. Breene

Rating: 4 stars

Series: The Warrior Chronicles #1

I hadn’t intended to stay up until dawn reading this, but it was too good to put down. Shanti was awesome! She was tough without being bitchy. At first I didn’t think I was going to like her because she had rare and special powers, but it worked in this. Although she was special, she didn’t think she was better than anyone else. Women were generally viewed as weak and powerless. Shanti certainly showed the men otherwise.

Cayan was the captain of the people who saved Shanti. He had everything going for him: looks, charm, intelligence, and physical prowess. He was also kind and loyal. He’s everything you could ever want in a man. The sparks ignited when he and Shanti were together, but their trust issues were getting in the way.

All of the side characters were great. They were entertaining and funny. The plot wasn’t the most original ever, but it was worth reading just for the characters. The one issue I had with the story was Shanti’s magic. Sometimes it felt like she abused it since it allowed her to invade people’s minds to a degree. As long as she keeps using her powers for good, I’ll be okay with it.

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