Bang by E.K. Blair

Rating: 1 star

Series: Black Lotus #1

Honestly I can’t think of anything good to say about this other than it was well edited. All of the characters were assholes. Nina had a tragic past, but she was such a bitch in the present that it was hard to sympathize with her. Pike was a sleazy and white trash. He did love Nina in his own way; it was a selfish love, so even that wasn’t an endearing quality about him. Declan had his good points but was too controlling to be appealing. Bennett actually wasn’t an asshole, but there was so little development to his character that it was hard to give a shit about him one way or the other.

One woman. Three men. Lots of sex. But this is no romance. It’s a story about revenge. The story was vague at first, but by a third of the way through it, I had the plot figured out. Once Nina’s motives were revealed, it made her seem insane. She was right to be pissed about her past, but it wasn’t fair to blame it all on the person she did. It was ridiculous to blame someone who had been a child at the time for her rotten life. The actions of the child seemed odd. IDK any kid that would do what he did. It was something only an adult would do.

After the story moved at a snail’s pace, things got crazy at the very end. Some of the insanity was a surprise but some of it wasn’t. The title of the book is Bang, so take a wild guess as to what makes a big bang and what it does to somebody. If I had cared about any of the characters at all, the ending may have evoked some emotions. It ended on a big cliffy, but I have no desire to continue on with this disaster.

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