Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Rating: 2 stars

Series: Red Queen #1

In typical dystopian fashion, one group of people (the silvers) lorded their power over another group of people (the reds) essentially making them slaves. The reds had started their own rebel group to bring equality. A special snowflake heroine was discovered amongst the reds who could be useful to both sides.

If you can’t guess the gist of how this will end from this brief synopsis, then this is the book for you. Unfortunately early on I knew how this would play out. The subterfuge the author used to attempt to deceive me about the characters’ true natures was pathetic. It was painfully obvious who was good and who was bad.

The fact that Mare couldn’t figure any of this out made her highly unlikable and, well, frankly stupid. People kept giving her hints that she shouldn’t trust some of the people she was trusting. There was no reason to heed their advice because she knew it all. Only if I hadn’t seen the end coming long before she did it would have been a nice twist. In some ways it didn’t feel like she was all that much better than the people she wanted to defeat. She hated the silvers because they only saw what they wanted to in the reds, but she did the same with the silvers.

Mare was soooo special, and it made me like her even less. She barely had any redeeming qualities aside from her special power. This trope is highly overused and didn’t do this story any favors. Some personality, wit, and intelligence would have gone a long way towards making Mare interesting.

Aside from the incredibly predictable plot, Mare had not one, not two, but three love interests. Three FFS! Mare couldn’t get a good read on any of them although I think it’s fairly obvious who she will end up with. One of the them was the childhood best friend who had such a small role that I didn’t care or know anything about him. I was constantly told that he was worthy of being defended by Mare but not shown it. One guy had real potential and was the only character in the book I liked. The third guy was a power hungry jerk whose role was obvious from the start.

The world building could have been better. The reds definitely deserved better. They were living in horrible conditions and were treated like dirt although they were what made the way the silvers lived possible. The ultimate goal of the reds wasn’t clear. Do they want equality or power? It seemed like they wanted power, and it made it difficult to get behind their cause or at least to really believe they were the good guys.

Red Queen wasn’t original. It didn’t have enough action, and it had too much teen drama. I will not be reading the next one.

2 thoughts on “Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

  1. The special snowflake trope gets really boring, because it’s everywhere and so often so badly done.
    And 3 love interests? Sheesh. How am I supposed to remember each guy? That’s too much for my brain.


    1. Every once and a while the special snowflake trope works, but the character has to be awesome beyond their special power. Most of the time I hate special snowflakes.

      At least 1 of the 3 love interests was out of the picture at the end of the book, but that still means there will be a love triangle in the sequel.

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