The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar

paper swanRating: 2 stars

Why do I keep reading books with beautiful covers? Beautiful covers do not equal good storytelling. The blurb for this was vague but interesting. All it turned out to be was a romance with a bunch of overused tropes, which made it highly predictable.

Trope #1: Childhood friend romance I don’t care for romances where the people knew each other as young children but always fondly remember each other into adulthood although they had not seen each other since they were children. People do not fall in love when they are 9 years old! Their brains aren’t even developed enough to comprehend love of your life kind of love. Besides people change a lot as they get older, so the kid they knew won’t necessarily be the same as an adult.

Trope #2: Insta-love They fell in love way too quickly considering the screwy circumstances they were in. I understood the attraction on his side but not hers. What did it matter to her if he was a sweet kid? He was not a sweet adult.

Trope #3: Abusive romance This type of romance can be good when it’s done right, but this just failed spectacularly. The abuser needs to be redeemable, but this guy was a dickhead most of the time.

Trope #4: Unplanned pregnancy I saw this one coming a mile away. Enough said.

Trope #5: Rich guy What good is a guy who can’t bail you out of poverty?

Trope #6: Time jump When the characters go separate ways for a while to find themselves and prove they are self sufficient people.

I could complain more about this, but I wasted enough time reading it.


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