Witch Hunt by S.M. Reine

Rating: 2 1/2 stars

Series: Preternatural Affairs #1

César was a protagonist that was not easy to like. After a night of heavy drinking, he found a woman shot to death in his bathtub. He had no idea what happened. The secret government agency he worked for didn’t do anything to investigate the situation. Through all of this, he never seemed distressed. I didn’t get a good read on his emotions. He didn’t come off as cold or heartless, but I couldn’t empathize with him either. This wasn’t just a flaw with César. All of the characters were flat and needed more development.

César did a lot of stupid things. It wasn’t so bad that he was TSTL, but nonetheless it’s annoying when characters constantly cause problems for themselves by making bad choices. He worked in a government agency, yet he wasn’t knowledgeable in working around the agency. He knew how they operated and continued to unnecessarily place himself in their path.

The world building needed to be explained better. I still don’t understand how magic works in this world. All I could grasp was that different people are capable of different magic. The world building was seriously lacking. I don’t require in depth or complicated world building, but being able to understand the basics is always good. Some things didn’t add up. Early on César was capable of ripping a window from a wall. Clearly his magic gave him incredible strength, but later on he couldn’t manage to extricate himself from rope. I’m sure rope is strong, but can it really stop a guy who can basically tear down a wall with his bare hands? Also he got beat up a lot, so his strength didn’t seem to be much of an asset.

Maybe I’ll try another series by this author at some point, but it’s not likely I’ll be continuing this one.


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