Midnight Burning by Karissa Laurel

Rating: 2 stars

Series: (unnamed) #1

The idea behind this book was great. An inexperienced southern woman traveled to Alaska to find out what really happened to her brother, and then weird things began happening. More was going on than she knew. Sounds cool, right? Unfortunately it just wasn’t executed well. The writing was decent. It was well edited and didn’t have plot holes.

I couldn’t connect with any of the characters. Even a good story isn’t interesting if none of the characters are. Solina considered herself to be a prim and proper southern woman, a people pleaser, and someone who didn’t take risks. None of her actions reflected this at all. She mouthy and rude. The only person she aimed to please was herself. She took a hell of a lot of risks for a cautious person. Other people often withheld information from her (although they had their reasons), which annoyed her, but she didn’t divulge anything she knew to them. Why did she expect others to be open and honest with her when she couldn’t do the same in return?

Val was her brother’s best friend and had been a source of comfort to Solina since her brother’s death. All she did was push him away. It didn’t make sense to me why she found the one person in the group she’d know the longest to be the most untrustworthy. He was vocal about his desire for her, but she could have just flat out said she didn’t want sex. Instead she treated him poorly. Val’s character needed more development. Mainly he was overly protective of and horny for Solina.

Thorin was cold. He had a bit of an “you don’t want to mess with me” edge, but was too rigid and uptight to be a bad boy or any kind of fun. There wasn’t much to him. Solina claimed she didn’t trust him but deferred to his opinion when it came to what she needed to do, which went against her constant insinuations that she could do what she wanted and didn’t need to rely on anyone. It’s beyond me as to why she ever warmed to him, but it happened.

Skyla was simply there. She didn’t have much of a personality. Her purpose was to be a friend who had no potential of becoming a love interest and to feed Solina info when no one else would. All she did was fill that purpose. She lacked any unique characteristics to make her stand out beyond her role.

Of course there was the dreaded love triangle. It was obnoxious especially since Solina didn’t have any deep desire or interest in either of the men. All the men did was act like jerks and be macho in their attempts to make the other guy back off. The large roles the men played meant that the love triangle drama was at the forefront.

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