Girl from Above: Escape by Pippa DaCosta

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Series: The 1000 Revolution #2

Treachery is the theme. Nothing is what you think it is. Everyone has an angle.

There was no way to predict anything. Each of the characters were on their own at the beginning. I’m not sure how I thought this would play out, but I certainly didn’t think it would end the way it did. Unusual alliances were forged while others were destroyed.

If you like stories all about love, honesty, and loyalty, well this isn’t the book for you. Love is involved in the story, but it’s not a romance. No one here is truly loyal because they are only loyal when it benefits them. None of them are honest; they’re barely honest with themselves let alone with other people.

Caleb did some morally questionable things. Yet I still liked him. He was guilt ridden and in a constant state of emotional turmoil, which made it easy to understand why he lashed out sometimes. One thing he did towards the end really shocked me although it really needed to be done.

#1001 was more caring than the average synth, but viewed things in terms of black and white. She is a killer but definitely isn’t heartless. She was struggling to find her own way in the world, but it is difficult for her to do since everyone wants to use her for their own purposes.

Fran is the most conflicted character. Trying to remain loyal to people with opposing views was turning out to be far more complicated than she could have imagined. I want to hate her, but I can’t because she honestly believed what she was doing was right.

I wish more sci-fi was written like this because I would read it a lot more.

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