Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin

Rating: 2 stars

This has got to be the least suspenseful suspense novel I’ve ever read. It took me a week to get through it, which is a long time for me to read a book. There wasn’t much to make me want to keep reading. Tessa was the sole survivor of a serial killer. After the man who supposedly did it was convicted, she discovered clues indicating the killer may still be out there.

With each chapter the POV alternated between Tessa after being rescued and Tessa in the present day. She wasn’t fucked up enough IMO. She almost died at the hands of a serial killer. The main indication of emotional trauma was her psychosomatic blindness. Other than that she didn’t seem highly traumatized. I had expected emotional turmoil to be pouring off the pages especially in the scenes when she was younger, but it wasn’t there. Mainly she was agitated, but it wasn’t because of her experiences, it was because she had to see a psychiatrist. Details about her kidnapping and near death were not revealed in the therapy sessions either, so not much was gleaned from the chapters when she was young.

The clues and red herrings didn’t hold weight with me. A red herring needs to be believable as a viable suspect to actually, you know, suspect them. The side characters weren’t developed well enough to be suspicious of them since I was told but not shown what they were like. The killer was a complete surprise, but there were a few things about the ending that were ridiculous and unbelievable.

I received this from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


3 thoughts on “Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin

    1. Not all people would react to a tragic situation like that in the same way. I guess I expected a slightly different response since it was from her point of view. To be fair, I tend to be overly critical of book with characters dealing with mental issues.

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