Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Gods & Monsters #1

Ari spent her childhood in foster care. She was trying to find her parents because she was different. A freak. And she wanted answers. To find them, she needed to go to New 2, which used to be known as New Orleans. New 2 (dumbest name for a city ever!) is a dangerous place run by the novem, which is a group of 9 magical families.

Kelly Keaton also writes under the name Kelly Gay. I love the series she wrote as Kelly Gay, so I figured this had a chance of being good too. However Darkness Becomes Her was mediocre. At first it was interesting, but it quickly became cliched. Ari met a guy, and it was instalove. She met some people, and suddenly the loner had friends. Ari learned that she is different but in a good way. The relationships developed too quickly, and I didn’t get attached to any of the characters.

The way the usual supes like vampires, witches, and shifters was blended with Greek deities was cool. The setting was unique since it was in an American city but was completely disconnected from the American government. The story failed because the plot and characters desperately needed more development.

The mystery of what Ari’s heritage was solved by the end of the book, not that it was hard to figure out. Very early on a major clue was dropped, which gave it away. By the time the characters figured it out, I was frustrated with them for not figuring it out already. At least there was a surprise at the end I hadn’t seen coming, which was part of the cliffhanger. I’ll give the next book a chance to see if the series improves or not.


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