Iron Night by M.L. Brennan

Rating: 4 stars

Series: Generation V #2

Even better than Generation V! Since Fort’s transition had begun, he was being pulled into the family business, which meant he was learning about the supernatural creatures he had avoided for most of his life. Fort’s new roommate was murdered. Everyone but Fort was convinced it was random. He and Suzume teamed up and discovered a sinister plot in the supernatural world.

A new bad ass Fort has emerged! More accurately he was in the process of becoming a bad ass, but he had greatly improved since Generation V. By avoiding his fate he wasn’t doing himself any favors, so he realized that being a complete and total slacker would probably result in his untimely demise. It wasn’t just in the physical aspect that he had grown; he wasn’t being passive and allowing everyone to treat him like a doormat.

Once again I loved Suzume! She is definitely an asset for Fort to have around. Not only is she an excellent fighter, but she is knowledgeable in many aspects Fort is not. She is very witty. Some of the things she says crack me up.

I might have given this 5 stars if it hadn’t been for the potential love triangle. Everything was resolved by the end, so it won’t be dragged on for several books while Fort sorts out his feelings. The lingering possibility of it aggravated me while reading especially since it seemed like only two characters had chemistry.

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