Generation V by M.L. Brennan

Rating: 3.5 stars

Series: Generation V #1

Generation V was damn funny. It’s been awhile since I laughed that much when reading a book. The plot was fairly straight forward. Fort was disgusted by the actions of other vampires. Since he wasn’t a true vampire yet, a bodyguard was needed while he tried to make things right. Suzume the kitsune bodyguard was spunky and a trickster. The potential for her to be a love interest was there.

The vampire lore wasn’t the same old regurgitated crap. They are selfish bastards and drink blood, which is normal. The creation of vampires was completely original. Vampires are born but aren’t truly vampires until they transition later on in life. It was refreshing to have a new take on them.

Fort was average for a human but highly unusual for a vampire. He cared about people and lacked enthusiasm about transitioning into a vampire although it would happen eventually whether he wanted it to or not. Since his only motivation was to avoid his family as much as possible, he lived on his own but not very well. Most of his possessions were second hand items. I liked it that Fort was not a kick ass, powerful hero. In fact he was the weakest of all of the supes in the book.

I was aggravated at times with Fort’s lackadaisical attitude. Obviously he is a non-confrontational kind of guy. I get it. I’m the same way, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere. Everyone took advantage of him, and he allowed it to happen. It was like he just accepted it. Being treated like crap bothered him, but not deeply enough to do anything about it. Changes occurred with him as the story unraveled, so chances are good that he’ll have good character development over the course of the series.


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