Drowning in the Dark by Pippa DaCosta

Rating: 5 stars

Series: The Veil Series #4

Loyalties will be tested. Muse will finally know who she can trust. The princes are coming. Muse will play an imperative role in either helping or destroying them. It’s up to her, but some believe her fate has already been decided. She knows who she wants to help, but her control is slipping more and more. Without control, she has no idea what will happen.

Muse is one impressive heroine. The more she struggles, the more I love her. No matter what anyone has done to her, she lets her guard down. She still has the capacity to trust others. Her faith in other people is astounding. Muse is innately good, which does get frustrating at times. Some of the people around her are evil. They need to be taken down, but she is reluctant to do anything about it. It makes sense that she doesn’t want to cross that line, but she shouldn’t endanger herself or others either.

A lot went down at the end. It was crazy! The one thing I had figured out was who the king was. It was obvious, but it was the only thing in the series I’ve been able to predict so far. The actions of some of the characters were unexpected and shocking. Can what happened be undone? If it can, will things be the same? It was one hell of a cliffhanger and possibly a game changer depending on how it all plays out. At least the next book is out already, so there is no need to wait to know how it ends.


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